From living death … to new life in Christ

This story starts in a terrible place.

A small girl — “Gloria” — was born into a world of neglect — of hellish abuse.

She was beaten, raped, never allowed to attend school. At the age of just 11, she became pregnant.

Finally, someone noticed the horrors taking place in her world, and she was rescued, sent to a home for pregnant teens. At 12 years old, she delivered her son — and the two of them were sent to a faith-based orphanage.

Here, finally, Gloria’s story takes a turn for the better. She and her son were welcomed with open arms by the founders of Jehová Jireh Orphanage. She was able to begin attending school for the first time, at a Latin America ChildCare school where the teachers are helping her make up for all those years she was kept from going to school.

She discovered the love of Jesus Christ, who is helping heal the scars of her past.

Although she still looks like a little girl playing with a big doll when she is with her son, Gloria is very mature in many ways, and helps care for other babies as well in the orphanage’s newborn room.

She is also becoming a great evangelist, preaching the Gospel to friends and neighbors whenever she gets the chance.

Hers is a true resurrection story, and it was made possible by friends like you, through LACC. Thanks for reaching out in compassion to children in need just like Gloria!