Students Making an Impact

We love to receive messages and notes like the one we received from Josh Houston.  Josh is the Student Ministries Pastor at New Life Community Church in Hawthorne, CA. The Student Ministries decided to start sponsoring a child about 10 months ago.

“I was looking at our account for the girl we support. In the ten months our youth ministry has raised more than $1000 for her. So on Thursday I asked our group if they wanted to pick up another kid. It was a unanimous yes. I also started a challenge this past Thursday in the group to see which guy and which girl could raise the most money for our sponsored kids through the end of the year. Just on Thursday (with only about 20 student there) they gave $96. So cool!!”

It is truly amazing the impact that the Student Ministries group at New Life Community Church is having on the child they sponsor. Every month they are helping to give Hope to a needy child.  What is also amazing is seeing the impact that it is having on the New Life Community Student Ministries.