Everyone needs a Grandma Della

We received this great letter from one our sponsors and wanted to share it with you.  Great to hear the love that our sponsors have for the children they sponsor.  Everyone needs a Grandma Della.

Ronny Dear:

How I wish I could take you in my arms and really tell you how much this 93 1/2 year old grandma loves you and wished you the very best in life, and we agree that only Jesus can do that for us!

I don’t remember if I told you I have 72 grandchildren and soon 73.  30 grandchildren and 31 great grandchildren, and  11(soon 12) great great grandchildren – how about adding you to the list.

Hope school is going good – Tell your family I love them too….

Love and Prayers,

Grandma Della

We  would like to encourage you to take the time and write your sponsored child a letter today. Share your life and love with them.
You can write your sponsored child today.