A recent story from Missionaries Carrie and Matt Love…

On one of my return trips from the DR, a Dominican came up to me and said, “hey aren’t you a missionary? He recognized me because I preached at his church. He remembered me because of some very Dominican jokes I used about beans. We were both on the same flight to Detroit and I switched my seat to sit next to him. As it turns out he attended one of our LACC schools while growing up! His family was very poor and the only way he could attend was through a sponsor in the US. He graduated and today he is married with 2 kids and is an architect. Plus he leads Royal Rangers at the church!! Time and time again Carrie and I are blown away by how God completely transforms the lives of students through LACC in the DR. Thanks for being a part!!

Carrie and Matt Love are Latin America ChildCare Missionaries to the Dominican Republic. You can keep up with them at their website http://www.thewaytheyshouldgo.org.