A New Life at Nueva Vida

Texting in class? Unacceptable.

Hacking a teacher’s Facebook page? Possibly illegal.

But these offenses were nothing compared to what went on at Jeyco’s old school. The public school in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua, was overcrowded with students who would fight each other at the drop of a hat, regularly cussed at the teachers — who also cussed back at them! — and didn’t seem to learn much, no matter how often they actually came to class.

Then Jeyco was able to come to Nueva Vida, or “New Life” School, the Latin America ChildCare school in Sandino City. Everything began to change for him!

He made new friends, settled down to become a good student, and he really got serious about his relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Plus, the daily meal was a Godsend. His family has been struggling just to get food on the table. Knowing that Jeyco would have at least one nutritious meal a day at school was a wonderful blessing!

Jeyco’s mother passed away last March, and of course, he was bereft. But he is coping, with the help of his friends, teachers, family, and church.

Thanks for helping young people like Jeyco get a chance at “new life,” through your support of Latin America ChildCare. You’re making a powerful impact!