You saved the day

Jhon's armHe tripped and fell — his arm twisted under him —

Jhonattan sat up in shock, and horror, staring at the shattered bone of his arm protruding through the skin!

The pain was intense. He thought he might die. But his legs still worked, so he ran home, showed the gaping wound to his horrified mother, and followed her to the street to try to find transportation to the hospital. They eventually ended up on a public bus.

For the long bumpy, painful ride, Jhonattan stared at his arm wondering if his life would ever be the same. In addition to going to a Latin America ChildCare school, Jhonattan also worked hard to help his mother. His father had abandoned the family long ago, and Jhonattan had many responsibilities. How could he fulfill them now, with a mangled arm?

The doctors gave Jhonattan painkillers as soon as they could. Surgery would be necessary, but there were complications, and 17 days went by before the procedure could be done.

Hopelessness preyed on Jhonattan’s mind. His mother stayed beside him, but she was often tearful. He himself had wondered again and again how he would be able to go to school and do his work now … as well as how the family could possibly afford his hospital bill and pay for the surgery.

The only highlight of these bleak days was that many of his friends from school, his teachers, and pastor came to visit him, to pray with and encourage him.

It gave Jhonattan the strength to pray, “Lord, I know you will not abandon me as my father did. I am Your son, and a Father will not abandon His son.”

And he was right!

Because of the faithfulness of friends like you, the Latin America ChildCare Extreme Poverty Fund was able to help pay for Jhonattan’s medical bills! His surgery was successful, and today his arm is completely well.

“Thank you for the help that only God could have made possible,” says Florence, Jhonattan’s mom. “I will remember you all my life … for the help and health you gave to my son — and for returning hope to him concerning the recuperation of the use of his right arm.”

Jhonattan, too, says thank you, again and again. Your loving help made all the difference for them.