Destiny Calling for Alejandro

A WITCH DOCTOR — practicing the dark arts, making potions, casting spells.

That’s the future Alejandro’s parents saw for him.

They were both occult practitioners in Bolivia. They wanted to train their young son to follow in their footsteps and converse with the demons.

But when Alejandro’s mother died, his father struggled to raise a young child alone. He put Alejandro to work on the streets, at the age of five! Two years later, Alejandro’s father passed away … leaving a seven-year-old boy alone, fending for himself.

His future looked bleak at that moment … but then he was taken in at a Christian children’s home, House of Peace, and was sent to a Latin America ChildCare school.

It changed Alejandro’s life!

He soon decided to follow Jesus, and at the age of 13 felt destiny calling. He believed the Lord wanted him to become a missionary to India. He began to study hard and learn all he could about India — its history and people.

Thanks to the loving support of a sponsor like you, Alejandro was able to finish school, graduate from high school, and then go on to university and seminary.

This October, Alejandro will leave Bolivia for India for his first missionary assignment.

His life has gone in such a radically different direction than the one his parents marked out for him, and his transformation was made possible, in part, by Latin America ChildCare and friends like you. Thank you for showing Alejandro the way to his new destiny! Thanks for your support of Latin America ChildCare.