Open doors in Panama


That’s quite a hike for first-graders.

But brother and sister Eugenio and Edilcia make that commute every weekday morning. The Latin America ChildCare school that ministers in the remote mountainous Guaymi Indian village of Soloy, in northwest Panama, is the closest school to their home. And their parents understand how important it is for their children to get an education.

But missionaries Rod and Sherry Boyd say the school does so much more than just educate children in need.

“Would we have had the opportunity to minister to Eugenio and Edilcia if we didn’t have the school? Probably not. We’ve discovered that this Christian school ministry opens new doors of ministry in Panama,” they say.

“We are convinced that the Christian school ministry offers the highest possible level of commitment to evangelism and discipleship. Imagine the more than 30 hours each week dedicated to children and youth, where teachers consider themselves ‘pastors’ of the young people in their classrooms. Most of the kids who attend come from non-Christian homes.”

Thanks for being part of a transformative outreach that is touching the lives of children — and whole families! — in some of the most remote and needy areas of Latin America. You’re making a wonderful difference!