How to Choose?

So you want to sponsor a child, but how do you go about choosing the child who you will help to change their life and make a difference for eternity?

For some it is an incredible task when you consider that literally thousands of children are waiting for a sponsor. You can’t sponsor them all, but you can help ONE child have hope and realize their dream of a better life.

So how do you choose?

Here are a few ways to consider if you need help in making this important decision.

Choose by country.

Latin America ChildCare works in 21 different countries throughout Latin America & the Caribbean and in 19 of those countries we offer the opportunity of sponsorship. Is there a particular country you are interested in? Maybe God draws your heart to a particular country or even town in which we offer sponsorship.

If you choose a child based on a country, know that forever your heart will be tied to what takes place not just in your child’s life, but to the country itself. You may even find yourself looking for news about what is going on in your child’s country.

Let your kids pick.

Many people choose to sponsor a child because it is an experience you want to share with your children and teach them about poverty and making a difference in the life of someone much less fortunate then they are.

Your children will come to realize that they are transforming the life of another child and will be actively involved in writing to and praying for the sponsored child.

Find a child who shares your birthday or the birthday of your own child.

There is a special bond that happens when you realize that your child shares a birthday. If you can’t find a child on our website that fits this criteria, call our office (800-289-7071) and one of our sponsorship representatives will be more than happy to help you find one.

Choose by age.

Maybe you want a child in a particular age range. Again, it may be the same age as one of your own children or grandchildren. There are lots of options to choose, from a child in kindergarten all the way through high school.

Browse the website.

LACC has hundreds of children available for sponsorship on our website. Just take a look around and I’m sure that just the right child will grab your heart.

Let Latin America ChildCare decide.

If you are ready to sponsor, but prefer not to choose yourself. We can help make that decision for you. Just call our office (800-289-7071) and one of our sponsorship representatives will be more than happy to help you find one.


It really is ultimately God who leads us, so pray for guidance. Pray that God will lead you to the exact child who will fit you and your family perfectly.

No matter how you choose a child to sponsor, know this…. YOU will make a difference in the life of ONE child that will change their destiny for a lifetime.