Come on, Grandma! Costa Rica’s waiting

She had supported Latin America ChildCare for more than 20 years. She had always dreamed of making a missions trip … and now the opportunity had come!

Jeanette Missey’s daughter Ruthie, her husband and children were headed to Costa Rica to help revitalize the Los Cuadros school. And there was a spot left on the missions team for Grandma.

She eagerly signed on and joined the team from Evangel Temple in Kansas City.

“My life-long dream of going on a missions trip had begun,” says Jeanette. “It was a life-changing experience for me and others in our group.”

  • They painted school roofs and hallways.
  • They made and hung curtains and painted a playhouse.
  • They ventured to neighborhoods destroyed by mudslides and provided emergency relief.
  • They helped devastated families salvage what they could from the destruction.

“I’d never seen a barrio before, other than in pictures,” Jeanette says. “It makes a big difference to see it firsthand.”

Thankfully, the end of the week brought inspiration to soothe the souls of the weary volunteer missionaries. The ladies joined in a tea party for the “Girls of Promise,” a special club for girls only at the Linda Vista school.

Coming face to face with the future wives, moms, and female Christian leaders of Costa Rica was a blessing, and brought the missions trip to an amazing close.

Thank you to Jeanette and the entire Evangel Temple team, for the difference you made in Costa Rica!