What your sponsorship gives to a child in need…

The Gospel. First and foremost, your sponsorship exposes a child to the Good News about Jesus christ and to the care of loving Christian adults. Every on of our schools is linked to a local church, where our students are nurtured, trained, and loved. Many Latin America ChildCare students come to Christ – and then share their faith with their families.

Excellent education. Just attending school is a luxury in many parts of the region, but our students are truly learning – and our academic standards are high. Our students are being prepared for life as responsible adults. Through our strong Christian education program, children learn not only the traditional array of academic subjects, but they also study God’s Word as a guidebook for life.

Nutritious meals. Many schools provide a daily healthy meal for their students. For some children, this is the only meal of the day.

Uniforms. Many of our schools provide uniforms for students. These new clothes bolster their self-esteem and identify them as Latin America ChildCare students.

Encouragement. We invite you to write to your sponsored child as often as you like. Your words will delight and inspire, reinforcing in the child’s heart and mind the reality of your commitment.

Hope. Your sponsorship tells a child “You matter” … provides a springboard out of poverty … and offers a life-transforming faith!