They’re Shining in Jamaica

Jamaica’s students face a mandatory test after 6th grade that determines the course of their whole future … the results dictate whether they can go on to higher education.

Nationwide, the test results have been abysmal. So few children were passing the test, the government mandated emergency testing at the end of grade four, so problems could be located and remedial lessons begun.

In one very poor area 35 miles outside Kingston, the situation would have been even more dire, if not for an LACC school, Harvest Hill Christian Prep. It is the only school in the community. Most of the parents of students are functionally illiterate. Many of the children live far below the poverty line.

This year, mandatory testing of fourth-graders was coming to Harvest Hill – exams were slated to take place at the end of the academic year, but at that moment Jamaica was in a state of emergency.

The test administrators didn’t dare to travel to the slum where Harvest Hill is … the testing had to be postponed until summer break had begun. Would the children remember what they had learned? Would they pass the test?

Across the nation, only 67% of the public school children passed.

At Harvest Hill, 95% of the students passed at the very highest level!

“Our goal is 100% mastery of all subjects, so we have a way to go still,” said Principal Doreen Berry-Harding.

“We are giving thanks to God for His blessings on this school and our students. Without LACC sponsorship this school could not exist, but now these students have a chance to learn about math, and English, and about God.” Praise God for the way He is at work in children in the poorest areas of Latin America and the Caribbean. Thank you for reaching out to them in His love.